Joachim Helfer: A sinister suspecion

I‘m no longer happy. I would (still) be happy, if you (still) did what I want; if you (still) were the way I want you to be. You are guilty! The whole thing is a misunderstanding. Or rather a case of in- comprehension, because only he gets cheated who simply fails to use his powers of understanding: what we owe one another as human beings, respect, consideration, help, we owe without regard for an individual‘s status, to every man and every woman. Love, it can be difficult. Charity, human kindness love – all of that. But certainly not romantic, personal love, which is regarded today as love per se: Love which emerges only through a recog- nition of the uniqueness, the repeatability, the singularity of the beloved. So far, so trivial. But if everything is so simple, then why is love so difficult? I don‘t have a clue either! At most a sinister suspicion: Love become hate because it makes us stupid… © Joachim Helfer 2012