Das Nest_The nest


07:23 min, 16:9, stereo, 2011

» Synopsis

The nest

With this work I’ll get the sitcom Situation, which transforms the reality by itself, back into a daily and personal situation.
It´s a question about humor and everyday experiences in the juxtaposition of an already modified sitcom situation.
„The Nest“ has, like a sitcom, a storyline and ongoing characters in a comedic drama. The situation is that of a couple at their new home, with dreams and hopes – and everyday life – but they remain invisible until short before the End of the Video.
A voice from the off tells us their story. The laughter is delayed irritating – or non-existent. The sentences are not explicitly attributed to a person and text elements from a existing sitcom are also part of „The Nest“.

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» Credits

Voice over and translation: Deborah S. Phillips

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