„dividuum“_charcoal and ink, drawing and collage on paper_ca 30x20cm_2019

„Lehrauftrag“_charcoal drawing and collage on paper_ca 120x400cm_2019
„o.T.“_family_charcoal and pencil on paper_40x297cm_2019
„for that“_pairs_pen on paper_20 x 20 cm_Lottje_2019
„SPACE“_humans_charcoal collage on paper_ca 160 x 130 cm_2019
„run, run! youngest one“_humans_charcoal on paper ca 300 x 150cm_2019
„Artist as a middleaged wild one“_humans_charcoal, acryl, collage on paper, ca 160 x 250 cm_2019
„old man and young pussycat“_dead people_pencil and ink on paper_200 x 98 cm_2019
„old man and young pussycat II“_dead people_pencil, acryl, watercolor and ink, collage on paper 98 x 200 cm_2019
„Unzuechtige Schlummerseligkeit“_humans_charcoal and ink on paper, 98 x 200 cm_2019
„Torheit, mein Juwel“_humans_collage, charcoal on paper_140 x 200 cm_2019 (Foto: Genaro Strobel)
„stupidyingyang, more tha 3 million“_charcoal drawing_collage on paper_140 x 200 cm_2019
„EV or – diomuoti!“_females_charcoal and acryl on paper_97 x 200 cm_2019
„K_or- building up distance during great emotions“_charcoal drawing on cardboard, 59,4 x 84,1 cm, 2019

„EG_or- in between“_females_charcoal drawing_21 x 29,7 cm_2019
„one of the happiest moments_II“_Friends_charcoal drawing, collage on paper_50 x 80 cm_2019
„against f.“_Friends_charcoal drawing_29,7 x 21 cm_2019
„J. for M._it_s o.k.“_friends_pencil and ink drawing on paper_97 x 170 cm_2019
„N_or- come in, I’m here“_Friends_charcoal drawing on paper, 21 x 29,7 cm, 2019

„a_g_i_T_ or- requieres“_Friends_charcoal drawing_ acryl and ink on paper_98 x 180 cm_Lottje_2019
„a_g_i_T_ or- requieres“_Friends_charcoal, acryl and ink on paper, 98 x 180 cm, 2019